Mammamia Collection
A project that stems from the experience of parents
The idea of ​​a line of innovative products that follow the child through all the stages of their growth stems from the need to combine design and functionality. A project developed by two designers in the Whynot team when they had both just become dads: the products have a very distinctive identity, characterised by simple lines and Italian high quality. They have been created to meet the specific needs that, as part of a single family, blend with the Foppapedretti philosophy which consists of smart and functional solutions, where technicality is integrated with the warmth and naturalness of the wood. The goal is to offer a complete experience: refined furnishing products, with uncompromising functionality.
Mammamia Collection
An all-italian idea
The name of this collection is a tribute to Italianness and contains different meanings: Mammamia is an expression of surprise, evoking the idea of our products being amazing, as well as talking about the maternal relationship and Italianness, two of the collection’s key values. Products developed to follow the child through all the stages of their growth and designed to surprise you at any time: when you see their unique and attractive design, when you feel the grains of the ash and fir, and when you use them and are amazed by their practicality.
Wood certifications
All the products of Mammamia collection are 100% made in Italy. The Foppapedretti company is FSC® certified (license code FSC-C004369), a brand that identifies products made with wood from forests that are managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. Ask for FSC® certified products. Moreover, Foppapedretti supports projects on reforestation and environmental recovery by the Onlus Bioforest organization to promote a manufacturing culture which is more sensitive to the environment, effectively contributing to preserving natural resources.